Lunn says economic strategy must help boost construction sector

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said the Executive’s Economic strategy must help create jobs in the construction sector.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This is a strong economic strategy and I note the reference made to the construction industry within it. It is very important that the strategy helps create jobs in the construction sector.

“I also believe that the creation of a Green New Deal is key to boosting our construction sector through a home insulation scheme. Schemes such as this would also help reduce fuel bills, as well as benefiting the environment. In other countries it is seen as being a key part of the stimulus plans to improve their economies, so I would urge the Executive to put forward our own version.

“I know that Minister understands the critical importance of the construction industry. It is key to our wider economy and money invested in construction can have such a massive economic return. It is imperative that we see more employment opportunities in construction to help move the economy forward.”


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