Lunn says Catholic Heads are right about Ruane’s inaction

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn has said he can understand why the Catholic Heads’ Association is so exasperated at the Minister Caitríona Ruane’s continuing failure to present her plans for scrapping the 11-plus. The group met the Minister today to voice their serious concerns about the current situation.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This is just another example of why the Minister needs to bring forward her proposals without further delay.

“The Catholic Heads Association are not advocating continuing long-term use of a transfer test but rather expressing the real frustration felt by parents, teachers and pupils across Northern Ireland about the current lack of clarity.

“We all know by now the broad thrust of the direction she wishes to take but there are still so many unanswered questions particularly on the timescale and methodology of moving from selection at 11 to informed election at 14. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that the Catholic Heads Association, the Association for Quality Education and individual schools are putting down markers as to what they will do to fill the vacuum.

“With the current Executive stalemate, the Minister cannot bring her proposals forward for Executive consideration, but since the main culprit for the deadlock is her own party, she is partly to blame.”


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