Lunn raises Stormont problems in his Assembly motion

Alliance Party MLA Trevor Lunn’s motion on the problems within the Stormont Executive is being debated in the Assembly today and he called for the Executive to deal with outstanding issues to ensure people have faith in devolution. His motion highlighted a number of issues about which the Executive is not making progress, and he is seeking to build consensus and ensure government delivers more for people here.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “I am sure I was not the only Assembly Member who arrived here in the wake of the St Andrews Agreement with hopes raised and expectations that we were here to do business.

“We are being constructive in bringing this motion and I hope that all outstanding matters can be overcome in a quick and effective manner.

“We are fond of polls in Northern Ireland and I wonder if the population were asked to name the major achievement of this Assembly, what they would come up with.

“I do not wish to be too negative so I must acknowledge that the Executive has managed to progress some legislation. However, outside of budgetary matters and entirely non-contentious matters, what has really been achieved?

“What about the new community relations strategy? What about the Review of public Administration? What about the Maze stadium? What’s going on with the reform of education structures? So many issues, and so little progress or clarity from the Executive. People had confidence when devolution returned in 2007, but they need to see delivery to maintain this confidence. This is essential for stability and progress.”



Here is the wording of the motion which is to be debated in the Assembly on Monday 18 January.

Crisis in the Executive

That this Assembly notes the large number of critical issues that the Executive have failed to resolve; expresses deep concern about the consequences for good governance, the economy and public services; and calls on them to meet their responsibilities and act in a collective manner for the good of Northern Ireland

(Trevor Lunn, David Ford, Naomi Long, Stephen Farry)

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