Lunn questions Ruane’s plans to antagonise unionists

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has questioned why the Education Minister Caitronia Ruane is trying to antagonise unionists with her border education plans. Her comments on “The Politics Show” suggested that there should be no prioritisation for Northern Ireland pupils at Northern Ireland schools and instead a child from the Republic of Ireland could get a place in a school here ahead of a pupil from here.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “Why is the Minister doing this? Has she not got enough problems in her department at the minute? There are real issues that need to be sorted out first such as the post academic selection process and lack of funding for our schools.

“This is designed to further antagonise unionists at a point where she should be working with all sides to move our education sector forward.

“This just shows that she is not willing to tackle the real problems.

“Instead of propping up schools that are under subscribed she should be making efficiencies by increasing the level of co-operation between schools and increasing the number of integrated schools

“Alliance has an ambition for education but the Executive lacks the ambition to move our education sector forward.”


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