Lunn puts Stormont problems on Assembly agenda

Alliance Party MLA Trevor Lunn’s motion on the problems within the Stormont Executive is to be debated in the Assembly on Monday 18 January. His motion aims to be constructive and seeks to get progress on the wide range of important issues that the Executive is currently deadlocked on.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “It is essential that the Executive discusses the backlog of work that has not been complete by them. We need answers and the public need assurances that important business will be dealt with swiftly. People are concerned about unemployment and potential cuts in frontline services and we still have no new community relations strategy, yet the Executive has not moved that effectively on these issues. This motion aims to be positive and is all about ensuring that the public does not become disenfranchised with the institutions of government here.

“The public needs action from the Executive. They want the Executive to work and they want delivery on issues that impact upon their everyday lives.

“The Executive has failed to make significant progress on a large number of important issues like a new community relations strategy, new education structures, post-primary transfer, policing and justice, local council reform, and the building of a multi-sports stadium.

“We are not putting this forward to be critical, the motion is aimed at getting the outstanding work completed. Alliance always plays a constructive role and we will continue to do so for the good of everyone in Northern Ireland .

“Government is not a game, it’s a privilege and a responsibility – delivery for the public is essential.”



Here is the wording of the motion which is to be debated in the Assembly on Monday 18 January.

Crisis in the Executive

That this Assembly notes the large number of critical issues that the Executive have failed to resolve; expresses deep concern about the consequences for good governance, the economy and public services; and calls on them to meet their responsibilities and act in a collective manner for the good of Northern Ireland

(Trevor Lunn, David Ford, Naomi Long, Stephen Farry)

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