Lunn – Name of Newry play park must be changed

Alliance MLA, Trevor Lunn, has reiterated the Alliance Party’s call for a change in name of the Newry play park currently named after convicted IRA terrorist Raymond McCreesh. His comments were made during an Assembly debate on this issue.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The naming of a children’s play park after a convicted terrorist is wrong and unacceptable. It has caused immense hurt to the families who lost loved ones to the actions of terrorists.

“I do not know how Republicans can refer to Raymond McCreesh as a hero when the weapon he was found with was linked to the Kingsmill massacre when 10 innocent people were executed by the IRA. This was one of the worst atrocities of the Troubles and anybody who was linked to these murders should not be glorified.

“It was disappointing that Newry and Mourne Council did not debate this issue on Monday night, but I hope that the new super Council will be able to make a speedy decision on this issue and vote to change the name of this play park.

“In 2001, the SDLP backed the original naming of this play park, but I am glad that after 14 years, they have finally come to the right decision and have given a commitment that their Councillors will vote for the name to be changed. It may have taken them a long time but they have finally seen their senses. I was pleased that Alasdair McDonnell took part in this debate after several weeks that have been disastrous for the SDLP.”


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