Lunn lambasts litter louts and says that less litter means lower rates bills

Lagan Valley Alliance Representative Cllr Trevor Lunn has condemned litter louts saying that if litter could be minimized then rates bills could be kept lower. He stated that everyone can make a difference to protect the environment and save themselves cash on rates bills.

Cllr Lunn said: “Litter is a real problem in our towns and cities. No matter where you go, you can see the extent of the problem.

“We need to see a change in people’s attitudes. If less litter was thrown on our streets it would save local councils vast sums of money and would mean reductions in people’s rates bills.

“There is another aspect to this too. It would be great to see everyone taking real pride in their surroundings and protecting the environment by disposing of litter correctly and trying to recycle wherever possible.

“If everyone can show responsibility on this then we can ensure that rates bills are kept as low as possible. The benefits of clean streets are there for all to see.”


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