Lunn issues call to tackle division in schools to make savings

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called for the Northern Ireland Executive to tackle the cost of division within our education system to help deliver savings. He said that this can be done through a number of models of sharing and integration.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “It is vitally important that we tackle segregation in our education as swiftly as possible. There is no reason why a programme of further sharing and integration cannot be introduced here. We are not being prescriptive about the exact format of this because we believe local solutions can be found and there are a number of models of education that could be implemented

“We need to work positively to bring all sectors together to promote sharing teaching facilities and continue to grow the integrated sector.

” Alliance wants to see 20% of pupils being educated in integrated schools by 2020 and we want to see the Executive meet this target.

“Further sharing would broaden the range of subjects people can study and the sports they can take part in. There are so many benefits aside from the obvious financial ones for progress on this matter.

“For the Executive to fail to make swift progress on this would be absolutely scandalous. The CSR and its despicable budget cuts mean that politicians need to look at delivering more value for money, and tackling division is one of the best ways to do this.”


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