Lunn issues call for more shared and integrated education

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said that given the serious financial pressures facing the Stormont Executive, they must look to using shared and integrated education to free up vital public money which is currently being wasted on segregation.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The public are scared that vital frontline health services could be sacrificed to balance the books, but I believe instead we can look at the further use of shared and integrated education to deliver more value for money.

“Talk from other parties on integrated education and sharing can sometimes be hollow. What we need is action within the Executive and from the Education Minister specifically.

“Tough times are ahead in relation to public finance. The Executive cannot avoid the devastating cost of segregation any longer. For example, the Deloitte Report into division suggested that 165 extra bus runs take place daily because children are not educated together.

“£1 billion is wasted every year here on the cost of division and there can be no logical reason for maintaining this situation. Our education sector accounts for a considerable amount of this £1billon lost annually and I call on the Education Minister to examine this area urgently.”


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