Lunn hopes fresh search leads to Disappeared discovery

Alliance Justice spokesperson Trevor Lunn has said he hopes a fresh search for one of the Disappeared leads to the discovery of the body in order to bring comfort and closure to his loved ones.

The search by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains is taking place in a forest outside Rouen in northern France. It concerns the remains of Seamus Ruddy, who was abducted in Paris by the INLA in 1985. He is believed to have been buried in France. A number of previous searches in the area have ended unsuccessfully.

“The issue of the Disappeared and the victims who were murdered and buried in secret is one of the darkest parts of the Troubles.

“I hope this search leads to the discovery of the body of Seamus Ruddy so his loved ones can have the comfort and closure they deserve, in order to allow them to mourn properly. They have already suffered a double tragedy – not only have they experienced the initial loss but they have been unable to hold a proper burial.

“This reinforces the need to resolve legacy issues if we are to move forward to a peaceful future. I would urge anyone with information regarding the location of any of the bodies of the Disappeared to get in touch with the police or the Independent Commission.”

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