Lunn hopes Disappeared discovery brings comfort to families

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said the discovery of remains during searches related to the Disappeared will hopefully bring comfort to the families affected.

Lagan Valley MLA Mr Lunn was speaking after the detection of two bodies, made while looking for Belfast man Joe Lynskey, who went missing in August 1972. Suggestions are the bodies belong to IRA victims Seamus Wright and Kevin McKee, who were abducted in October 1972.

“Although speculation remains about the identification of the bodies, I hope once identified it will give the concerned families a chance to give their loved ones a proper burial,” he said.

“My hope is it will bring an end to their long torment and now allow them to mourn properly.

“I applaud the continued good work carried out by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains and would urge anyone with further information to contact them so the rest of the families can also find their relatives.

“This search has been a chilling memento of one of the darkest chapters of the Troubles and a stark reminder of our society’s need to deal with our past.”

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