Lunn hopes Assembly report will lead to more women in politics

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA, Trevor Lunn, has welcomed the publication of a report by the Assembly and Executive Review Committee on women in politics.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I am pleased that this report from the Assembly and Executive Review Committee has been published, the day after International Women’s Day. It is also good to see that Stormont will be lit up purple to mark the occasion following the good work by my colleague Judith Cochrane.

“A lot of work went into this report and we heard submissions from a large number of groups and individuals, both from Northern Ireland and beyond. There are a number of positive initiatives and I hope they will be taken on board and lead to more women entering the political arena. There are too few female MLAs in the Assembly, something that I hope will be changed.

“While the Assembly can change some of its arrangements for more family friendly hours, ultimately it will be up to the parties to put forward and support more female candidates.

“This report marks a good day for the Assembly and I hope it will lead to progress.”


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