Lunn glad that other people know we need to tackle segregation in education

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said he is pleased that with the current budgetary climate others are focusing on the need to end division in education and he said Alliance had been campaigning on the issue for a very long time.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Alliance is leading the campaign to end division in our society and I am glad others are also talking about the need to do this.

“Ending segregation in education and all other sectors is an issue that we have been pushing for years and we need to see action on this now.

“More shared and integrated education would help greatly to improve community relations. What better way to provide the best start in life for someone than to have children from all backgrounds being educated together?

“The recently published report by Oxford Economics makes the case for the shared education from a societal and financial viewpoint very conclusively. We welcome this report and look forward to the discussion which it will undoubtedly provoke.

“Ending division is an issue that we have made our number one priority for many years and irrespective of budgetary challenges facing us I believe that this is something that should have been tackled a long time ago. Government here must get on with the job of tackling division to ensure we can balance the books and safeguard vital frontline services from cuts.”


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