Lunn: Executive must help secure new air routes to encourage trade

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA, Trevor Lunn, has encouraged the Executive to secure more direct air routes to large EU trading partners to increase the amount of investment in Northern Ireland.

Mr Lunn brought the issue up during Assembly Questions to the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, which was answered by the Finance Minister in the absence of Arlene Foster.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “In the past year we have seen the announcement of several new international routes from Northern Ireland airports to places such as Iceland and Lithuania. This is to be welcomed, however I believe these routes are more likely to benefit our citizens seeking to go on holiday abroad rather than attract more investment for Northern Ireland.

“If we are to be serious about attracting trade from the big economies in Europe, then the Executive must do more to secure direct air routes to locations such as Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt or Vienna.

“It has been proved that direct air routes can be the catalyst for building new business links that could help grow our private sector.

“I was pleased that the Finance Minister agreed with some of my arguments, but I hope to see the Executive put words into action and help secure more important direct air routes.”


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