Lunn: DUP has done nothing to advance integrated education

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said the DUP has continually failed to deliver on integrated education, despite the Party’s claims to the contrary.

Mr Lunn was speaking after the Bishop of Down, Donal McKeown, accused the DUP of being “nakedly sectarian” on the issue of integrated education.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I heard Bishop Donal McKeown single out the DUP on this issue, the same DUP which has done nothing to advance integrated education in Northern Ireland.

“While Alliance may hold a different view from Bishop McKeown on this issue, the focus must be meeting the demands of pupils and parents. The lack of action or any real policies from the DUP on this issue is clear, at a time when demand is growing for children from all backgrounds to be educated in integrated schools and colleges.

“If the DUP was really dedicated to promoting integrated education, it would have made sure clear, achievable objectives were outlined in the recently published OFMdFM shared future strategy. Yet despite the rhetoric around the issue coming from the DUP, there was no mention of integrated education in that document.

“The support for this sector is continually growing. This was highlighted again in June in a survey carried out by NICIE, showing two thirds of respondents supported increasing the number of integrated school places in Belfast from 4 per cent to 33 per cent.

“Unlike the DUP, Alliance is a true supporter of integrated education believing it is a key way to build a better shared future for everyone.”

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