Lunn disappointed at Orange Order view on Papal Visit

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has expressed dismay the Orange Orders intolerant comments in relation to plans for the Pope to visit the UK.

Trevor Lunn said: “The forthcoming Papal visit to the UK is a major event and should be welcomed by all people of goodwill.

“The Orange Order’s attitude is intolerant and counterproductive. They support civil and religious liberty, presumably including for their Catholic neighbours, so how can they oppose this visit.

“Their loyalty to the Queen is unquestionable so do they think she is wrong to receive the pope as planned?

“I hope the leaders of the Orange Order will reflect on their approach as I believe that they are not representing the views of their rank and file.

“This visit will be welcomed by Catholics, Protestants and those of no faith and I really hope that the Order will show the tolerance that they claim to advocate in September.”


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