Lunn deeply concerned at report on school buildings

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has expressed concerns at a report from the Audit Office which says more than £350m set aside for school buildings over the past five years has not been used. He said the report also shows the need for the creation of the Education and Skills Authority to help deliver greater efficiency.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This report comes at a time when many schools are looking for funding for building projects and it is deeply worrying that it says so much money has not been spent.

“It seems very strange that there are schools waiting for the green light to go ahead with projects but more than £350m has not been used over the past five years.

“This report also reinforces the case for the creation of the Education and Skills Authority to ensure we have one organisation overseeing the education system here and this will help improve efficiency.

“I call on the Department of Education to examine this matter in detail to see if there is any way in which this money can be put towards building projects that have been waiting so long to be commenced. The Department must also ensure that the potential for schools to be utilised by the community can be realised.

“Resources need to be used effectively and the schools’ estate is an area in which we need to see value for money and delivery.”


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