Lunn criticises lack of cross sectoral planning in Primary School area plans

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has criticised the lack of cross sectoral planning in the Primary School area plans that were published today. While there are a couple of proposals for the sharing of resources between schools from different sectors, there appear to be no proposal for the amalgamation of schools from different sectors.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I am disappointed that we are missing an excellent opportunity for the different education sectors to work together and find local solutions for struggling schools that have been highlighted in these reports.

“It is clear that there are a large number of schools with low enrolment numbers or problems with budgets and education standards. I cannot understand why there does not appear to be a single proposal in any of these reports for any sort of cross sectoral plan apart from a couple of shared education plans. It is hard to believe that in the whole of Northern Ireland, not one situation has been identified where the best option is a cross sectoral solution.

“It appears that the Boards and CCMS have just been allowed to review their own estates and combine the results into these reports, this is not the approach that the Minister originally directed.”


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