Lunn comments on CCMS post-primary provision report

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has commented following the publication of the report by CCMS on post-primary reform, saying it is crucial that all sectors work together in relation to reviews of the schools system.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I welcome the long overdue report on post-primary provision in the Catholic Maintained Sector. Inevitably it contains proposals for closure, but a rationalisation of the schools estate is unavoidable and the disappointment for me will come if the maintained sector continues to act in isolation from other sectors. This report is purely about catholic schools and it is unrealistic and parochial if it cannot be linked to the similar reviews to come in other sectors.

“The resistance to children going to schools in a different sector is beginning to crumble and we must build on that change of attitude. The best option for a child is the nearest good school, be that controlled, maintained or integrated, and the sectors must work together, with that as a guiding principle.

“I am disappointed that there is no reference to the promised ending of selection in catholic grammars – we wait for further comment in the days to come.”


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