Lunn calls for tighter dogs laws to be introduced urgently following attack

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has called for the implementation of tougher dangerous dogs legislation following an attack by two pit bull type dogs on a nine-year-old girl in Derry. Trevor Lunn proposed a motion in the Assembly in November 2007 on the need for tighter laws.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “We need to see tougher dangerous dogs laws implemented here as soon as possible to provide more protection against dog attacks.

“Legislation is coming forward which we hope can be passed into law before the end of this Assembly in May. It is important that we get it right and the existing laws in the rest of the UK should point the way forward. At the moment, the definition of a dangerous dog is not clear and it would be relevant to the tragic case in Londonderry that the term pit bull terrier is not recognised as a breed.

“Devolution allows us the opportunity to address this issue and we must take this opportunity to ensure loopholes in the current legislation are closed quickly in order to provide more protection against dangerous dogs. My thoughts are with the girl who was attacked in Derry and I hope she makes a speedy recovery.”


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