Lunn calls for action following Assembly debate on development of Maze site

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has called for progress to be made on the development of the Maze site following a debate in the Assembly on the utilisation of the site.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This issue has been stuck in limbo for years and people are fed up with the lack of progress. So far all we have done is demolish some old buildings, put in a nice new entrance and abandon an excellent stadium proposal.

“The Conflict Resolution Centre has been cited as a reason for lack of progress, but I cannot see why we would not want to tell the story of what happened at the Maze site as well as more widely across Northern Ireland over the past forty years.

“What is it about this centre that frightens Unionists? Our history and the path to peace in Northern Ireland is a matter of world interest, and the history of the Maze is integral to it. The irrational fear that this would become some kind of a shrine or place of pilgrimage has no foundation. The history to be told covers all sections of society, there is no way a properly planned centre would be allowed to evolve in that way.

“At the moment, we have an empty site of over 300 acres. While there does need to be preparatory work on the site which has caused delay due to some decontamination issues, the real progress on the site has been painfully slow.

“I hope that today’s motion can show that the political parties all want to see movement on this issue and will act as an impetus to the First and deputy First Minister to get this work underway.”


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