Lunn building consensus to solve 11-plus crisis

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has consulted principals, boards of governors and other stakeholders to try and build consensus to avert a crisis on post-primary transfer. He has talked to a wide range of individuals about the Alliance proposal to continue selection for two years to prevent chaos caused by having an unregulated system.

Trevor Lunn MLA stated: “We have been in contact with a wide range of principals, boards of governors and other stakeholders in a bid to prevent chaos on post-primary transfer. We are seeking to build a consensus on our plan to continue selection for the next two years to prevent this unregulated anarchy. There has been a very a positive response from a considerable number of parents whose children are affected by this matter.

“The groups we have contacted have also been broadly supportive. We have been praised for our continuing efforts to find a consensus. The Stormont Education Committee has also recognised the merit in our proposals as evidenced by our meeting with the Minister on Tuesday.

“Some other parties still however want to play politics with our children’s futures. Now is not the time for dogma – we need a positive way forward for the sake of our education system.

“The public have had enough of the theatrics from the other parties’ education spokespersons. The other parties need to stop grandstanding and get to work with us in order to prevent a crisis. Local teachers, parents and children deserve better than they are currently getting. We are being constructive, while other parties are failing them. We will continue to push for our sensible consensus proposal to be implemented.”


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