Lunn attacks Executive over ‘lack of ambition’

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has launched a scathing attack on the Stormont Executive over its lack of ambition for Northern Ireland and he referred to the ongoing delays regarding a decision on the Maze stadium project.

Trevor Lunn MLA stated: “It appears that the Stormont Executive lacks ambition for Northern Ireland. The Maze project is still on ice and all the speculation suggests that the Executive is going to run scared from building a world-class multi-sports stadium there. It looks like we will now be missing out on all the potential benefits that the London 2012 Olympics will offer.

“Last month, rumours were abound that the Executive was set to announce that a conflict transformation will be built and no stadium will be created. If this is the case, they have missed the point of the Maze project as a whole and missed a golden opportunity for Lagan Valley and the wider region.

“For Northern Ireland to come through this downturn in good shape, we need a government with vision and courage. Given the stalling tactics used by Ministers on important issues like the Maze and the replacement of the 11-plus, I have little faith in their ability to make brave decisions.

“Where are the visionary projects that Northern Ireland needs? We have seen much quick-fix politics from the Executive, but little long-term strategy. Our health service is facing massive difficulties because of Peter Robinson’s Budget cuts as Finance Minister, and our hospitals have suffered because of the Executive’s attempts to grab quick headlines at the expense of real improvements to our society.

“I want to see more courage and strategic thought from the Executive. The people of Northern Ireland will not accept further delays on the plans to replace the 11-plus and plans for a multi-sports stadium.”


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