Lunn asks ‘what has DUP delivered after Robinson’s words on integrated education?’

Almost one year on from Peter Robinson’s speech emphasising his commitment to integrated education, Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn has said absolutely no concrete progress has been made on shared and integrated education.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Almost a year on from Peter Robinson’s speech on community relations and integrated education and we have seen no delivery whatsoever on these most important matters.

“At the time I welcomed the First Minister’s statement in the hope that some delivery would follow. He promised a ‘road map’ towards a single system, I have seen no evidence of progress on this front.

“One of the key elements of our education system has to be parental choice, but many parents are currently denied their right to have their child educated in an integrated school. Many integrated schools are over-subscribed or are not allowed to enrol to their full capacity, urgent action is required to rectify this problem.

“As things stand it does not look as if Mr Robinson’s speech, whilst well received at the time was long on rhetoric but short on delivery.”


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