Lunn anger at DUP on Maze site

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has expressed frustration with the DUP about the Maze site, saying that had the plans for a multi-sports stadium proceeded, the cost of any development corporation may not have been so high. He has also called on political parties to revisit the Maze stadium idea as it appears the only option for an IFA, GAA and Ulster Rugby shared stadium as well as being a massive economic driver for both Lisburn and the rest of Northern Ireland. His comments come as it emerged that the Maze Corporation could cost up to £5.1 million in this financial year.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “We are years behind on this project and had we proceeded with the stadium plan, any corporation’s costs would probably not have been so high.

“I am extremely frustrated at the delays in redeveloping this site and am annoyed at the DUP for rejecting the stadium plans. I want to remind people that the stadium was originally meant to be in place in time for the 2012 Olympics. Given that the Maze Corporation will now cost up to £5.1 million this financial year alone, the DUP need to reflect on the lost opportunity costs and additional costs that not proceeding with the exciting stadium plan could bring.

“I wonder where we would be now if the conflict transformation centre had not been part of the deal, as the DUP have been running scared ever since?

“There is now a Maze of confusion over what will happen at this important site. I maintain the view that the full development of the site will be much more complicated without the reassurance of a major anchor tenant like the stadium.

“Every day that the Maze site lies unused it is costing Northern Ireland. I believe having a stadium shared by the IFA, Ulster Rugby and the GAA is essential for Northern Ireland, and the Maze is the only real option for all three sports. I call on the DUP and other parties to revisit a Maze stadium plan as the people of Northern Ireland deserve quick action to maximise the site’s massive economic potential.”


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