Lunn: All beliefs should be welcome in a free society

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said in a free society people of all faiths should be free to celebrate their beliefs.

Mr Lunn was speaking after staff at the Linen Hall Library were said to be shaken after the venue suffered online abuse for hosting an event to mark the centenary of the birth of Chaim Herzog, which the Ambassador of Israel attended.

He added: “In a free society, people of all faiths and beliefs should be able to celebrate those beliefs and their history without hindrance. Belfast and Northern Ireland should be proud of the achievements of Chaim Herzog and his extended family, their contribution to middle east peace and the fact that his early years were spent in Belfast.

“We should also be honoured by the presence of the Israeli ambassador to come here for the event. Those who are attacking the Library should read their history and might then see things in a different light.”

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