Loyalist funding must not provide ‘jobs for the boys’ – Alliance

Alliance Party Spokesperson, Cllr Tom Campbell, has stated that the government’s provision of £135,000 for the loyalist Farset group is disgraceful. Tom Campbell’s comments came following his interview today on the Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster.

The Newtownabbey Councillor stated: “I hope this money is not for jobs for the boys. Any funding to provide jobs should do so for everyone in loyalist communities, not just a chosen few so called ‘community leaders.’

“This money will employ people to provide research for the UDA, therefore, this money is tantamount to a payoff to the UDA.

“Is this disgraceful funding the first instalment of the UDA retirement fund, as discussed a few weeks ago in the Sunday World?

“The IMC only a few weeks ago said they are involved drug dealing, money laundering and other criminal activities. They also stated the in some parts of the UDA, criminality is endemic.

“I want a guarantee from Farset that this money will not go towards providing jobs to paramilitaries.

“How also will these conflict resolution researchers persuade terrorists to stop acting violently and committing criminal acts?

“At a time when special educational needs funding and victims compensation are being cut, government should not be providing money for loyalist projects.

“The Ulster Unionists link with the representatives of the UDA in Belfast City Council means that Ulster Unionists have a duty to demand that the money is spent positively, and not merely to provide jobs for paramilitaries.”


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