Loyalist feud and LVF violence must be over for good

Alliance Leader David Ford has given a cautious welcome to confirmation from Church leaders that a feud between the LVF and UVF has ended.

The South Antrim MLA stated: “The feud between the LVF and the UVF had served only one purpose – to destroy the communities those organisations claim to represent.

“Only last week we heard the appalling outcomes of such feuding upon teachers and schoolchildren in the areas most affected. It has taken far too long for these people to see sense, but everyone will be glad they have now done so.

“Further statements report that the LVF has, in its own words, ‘ordered its units to stand down’. Although this also appears welcome, we will wait and see precisely what that means.

“Urban communities across Northern Ireland are still being destroyed by the scourge of paramilitarism. It must end now, in all its forms.”


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