Lowry absolutely disgusted at appearance of racist graffiti

Alliance Castlereagh East Councillor Sharon Lowry has said she is “absolutely disgusted” at the appearance of racist graffiti in East Belfast.

The racist slogans appeared on walls and tress in Moat Park in Dundonald. Councillor Lowry said she had contacted Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council to have the graffiti removed urgently.

“Dundonald is a welcoming area and I am absolutely disgusted at the appearance of this graffiti, which is not representative of this area at all,” she said.

“I condemn those who have scrawled these repellent messages. When it comes to the poison of racism, we must all unite and face it down. I cannot grasp the mindset of those who deem it acceptable to even have those views, never mind graffiti them in public.

“The Council is working to remove this urgently and I call on anyone with any information to give it to police immediately.”