‘Love yourself this Valentine’s – quit smoking!’

As the ban on cigarette adverting takes effect on February 14, Assembly member Kieran McCarthy has urged smokers not just to show their love for others this Valentine’s Day, but care for themselves too.

Mr McCarthy, Assembly Health Spokesperson, is a former smoker.

Mr McCarthy stated:

“I believe this ban can only be good for the health of everyone, smokers and non-smokers alike. Cutting advertising will help reduce the number of smokers, meaning that there will be fewer non-smokers subjected to breathing in fumes passively.”

“In Northern Ireland, we have a high smoking rate and particular problems with heart disease and lung cancer. Cutting the advertising will help dispel the myth that smoking is somehow cool, and could be a factor in fewer young people taking it up.”

“It took me a lot longer to realise how bad smoking is for your health, but since quitting 20 years ago, I don’t regret it one bit!”


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