Lord Mayor calls for flags to be brought down

BELFAST Lord Mayor Tom Ekin has called for the removal of flags from lampposts in the city, now that the marching season is long over.

Councillor Tom Ekin stated:

“There was some improvement this year in the manner flags were displayed over the marching season, with fewer flags up for a more reasonable period of time.

“However, there are still too many flags – both paramilitary and national – on display as we enter October. The marching season is well over by now, and we are coming into that time of the year when flags tend to get tattered and weather-beaten.

“Not only is that being disrespectful to any flag to run it ragged, but they quickly become eyesores as they come apart in the poorer weather. Different people and groups have claimed that all flags would come down at the end of the marching season, yet here we are again unfortunately.

“People I have spoken to in the loyalist community agree that to leave flags up all year is disrespectful. No other country would permit their national flag to be treated in such a way.

“The Council is trying to make Belfast a more attractive city for visitors, but we need the co-operation of the people in order to achieve this.”

Cllr Ekin added: “There are still a few European election posters up, and I would urge the parties to take them down.”

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