Long welcomes listing of Harland & Wolff cranes

East Belfast Alliance Councillor Naomi Long has welcomed action by Environment and Heritage Service, which will ensure that Harland & Wolff’s two shipyard cranes are retained as part of Belfast’s skyline. EHS have designated the cranes historic monuments.

Cllr Long, who gained experience in the shipyard whilst training as an engineer, said: “The cranes are much more than simply functional. People feel a real attachment to them, as a symbol of Belfast’s strong industrial and engineering heritage and as some of the most recognisable features in our skyline. The cranes are even featured on bank notes.”

“As someone who grew up in the shadow of Samson and Goliath, I was very concerned about their future, given the decline in heavy industry on the site. I welcome the fact that they will be now be retained and protected, as they are part of the story of Belfast.

“Northern Ireland has a rich and historic built heritage, and at last we seem to be waking up to its significance. Instead of destroying historic sites, protecting them for future generations to enjoy and study is something we need to do more of.”

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