Long welcomes jobs announcement

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has welcomed the creation of hundreds of new jobs in her constituency.

The 600 jobs were announced by Citi today (Thursday) and follows Alliance MP Mrs Long’s recent engagement with senior management at the organisation with a view to encouraging them to invest further in East Belfast.

Mrs Long said it was welcome news for the local area.

“East Belfast is perfectly placed for such major investments, being located both close to Belfast city centre and with an airport with links directly to London’s financial district. I am pleased Citi has decided to use those factors to its advantage and capitalise with the establishment of these jobs.

“It is a healthy sign, both for East Belfast and the wider Northern Ireland region, that companies such as Citi are choosing to invest here. I would be hopeful that others follow their lead and use our strong skills base, lower costs and close contact with the rest of the UK to bring more jobs and help our economy reach its potential.”


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