Long welcomes high hedges plan following her campaign

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has welcomed plans to create laws to tackle high hedges saying it is a victory for the Alliance Party who have been campaigning for measures to address this problem for some time.

Naomi Long MLA said: “I have been campaigning for a long time on this issue and I am glad that the Minister intends to bring forward such laws. This is a victory for our campaign for legislation to tackle nuisance hedges.

“Some people have suffered significant annoyance because of their view or sunlight being obstructed by high hedges, and have not been able to do a single thing to address the problem.. This may be a relatively minor issue but it is one that confronts those affected on a daily basis through the windows of their home and in their garden.

“The Minister indicated that he wants to see these laws created within this legislative programme and we will hold him to this. The Assembly must deliver and show people here that it can make a positive difference to their everyday.”


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