Long: Three years on and still no clear path out of the Brexit chaos

Alliance MEP Naomi Long has reiterated her call for People’s Vote, as the third anniversary of the 2016 EU referendum sees the UK still without a clear path out of the Brexit chaos.

With the government in Westminster paralysed by the Conservative Leadership contest, Mrs Long said the UK is hurtling towards a ‘No Deal’ exit – which has not been endorsed by the public or Parliament – which would have potentially devastating consequences in Northern Ireland.

She said: “In the three years since the EU referendum it has become clear that no-one knew how to deliver any of the Brexit scenarios which they claimed people voted for.  All Brexit has served to do is to cause chaos in British politics and tarnish what was once a strong reputation across the world.

“While false promises are still being made about how a new conservative leader will seek to renegotiate with Brussels, it’s clear the deal on the table – which includes the backstop – is not only as good as it will get for Northern Ireland but is not open to renegotiation.

“Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to remain three years ago and reiterated that position clearly in the recent European election.  It’s time to bin this Brexit charade and hold a People’s Vote with the option to remain on the ballot paper.

“Together, we can ensure we are in a strong position to influence developments from within the world’s largest trading bloc, rather than isolating ourselves from all of its opportunities and weakening our position further.”