Long: support for rule of law essential to resolving parades

Speaking ahead of the Leaders’ Meeting which is to review the Haass proposals on parades, Alliance Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MP, has said that it is essential that all parties support the rule of law and that a binding code of conduct should apply to all parades and protests.

Naomi Long MP said: “If work on parades is to bring about change on the streets, then we need to see the unequivocal commitment to the rule of law and respect for and adherence to determinations, whether people like them or not, which has been sadly lacking to date. The days of defiance must be over and a new attitude needs to prevail.

“We have made our position clear that as part of that, it is essential that an effective code of conduct should apply to all parades and protests, to set clear standards of behaviour for everyone engaged in public processions or protests going forward.

“Without such a commitment, proposed changes to the structures are superficial tinkering. Those who continue to oppose a code of conduct need to provide some explanation as to why they cannot sign up to such basic principles.”


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