Long: Sinn Féin has bailed on memorabilia agreement

Alliance Group Leader Michael Long has criticised Sinn Féin’s decision to stall a decision aimed at making the grounds of City Hall more inclusive, after they called in the previously agreed changes to memorabilia.

With a deal in place to recognise greater numbers of women, Irish Nationalists and ethnic minorities, Michael said Sinn Féin had effectively “bailed out” on the process over its “obsession” with Winifred Carney.

He added: “After four years of discussions and compromise from all parties, Sinn Féin has shown it doesn’t care about creating an inclusive, diverse City Hall for all, but rather is willing to block the memorial of so many others for their own personal agenda.

“As it stands, four out of the five people they requested have been included, signalling a desire by all parties at City Hall to recognise the history of nationalism locally.

“Having exhausted all other options, Sinn Féin has now decided to exercise the call in procedure – the same call in procedure they previously blocked others from accessing when it came to a decision Sinn Féin wanted to protect.

“Tonight’s decision to delay this action is also delaying the public from having their say as the plan was due to go out for public consultation after tonight’s meeting. Instead we have this frustrating situation of rather than compromise and moving on – as Winifred Carney eventual did through her marriage – Sinn Féin is prepared to throw its toys out of the pram to protect its own vision of nationalism.”

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