Long sets out vision for ‘politics of hope’ in Northern Ireland

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has called on other parties to reject the politics of fear and join Alliance’s politics of hope.

Alliance MP Mrs Long stated during the Party’s conference on Saturday that “inclusive conversation” with other parties and the wider community was the way to build the bridge to a shared future.

Naomi Long said: “Our choice – put bluntly – is between a shared future and a scared future. We are not interested in the politics of fear. Alliance has not and will never indulge in that kind of politics, nor will we allow others who choose to do so to deflect us from the challenge of transforming our community, from making the difficult decisions that are required to deliver that change, or from showing leadership for everyone in our community.

“We reject the politics of fear in favour of the politics of hope, the politics of aspiration. Those foundations of hope and aspiration are the base on which this party was built – conceived in the belief that all of the people of Northern Ireland deserved a better, more peaceful and more prosperous future and sustained by the belief that, as a community, we still do.

“The politics of hope and aspiration are where the best future lies for everyone in our community. Alliance is the party that will continue to lead the way, in articulating a clear vision of a shared and inclusive future for everyone, the opportunities that realising that potential will bring and in building the bridge to take us there.”


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