Long says UUP pact shows they don’t want Stormont to work

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has blasted the Ulster Unionist’s pact with the TUV.

Naomi Long MLA said: “This move shows the complete rudderless ship that the Ulster Unionists are under the leadership of Sir Reg Empey. Last week, they were trying to paint themselves as a progressive force in politics with their Tory link-up, and this week they are cosying up to Jim Allister’s TUV.

“It also shows how desperate the Ulster Unionists are at the moment. They are thrashing around trying to throw in their lot in with anyone who will take them.

“One would have though that with the Executive in crisis, the UUP leadership would be trying to maximise co-operation with other parties in the Assembly to try to make it work. Instead, they are playing footsie with unionist extremism which wants to see the current Executive fail.

“If people are looking for strong, coherent leadership, it’s clear that they need not waste their time looking to the UUP to provide it.”


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