Long says use your vote to elect someone that deals with real issues

East Belfast Alliance candidate Naomi Long has encouraged people to use their vote even if they are frustrated with politics in Northern Ireland. She said that if people are fed up with tribal issues they should vote for a party like Alliance that focuses on tackling real problems affecting our society like unemployment and safeguarding public services.

Naomi Long said: “Many people are rightly frustrated with tribal politics and this can unfortunately put them off voting altogether. I would urge people to use their vote to send out a strong message against tribalism by voting for Alliance, the party working to end this blight on our society.

“People want politicians to deal with the real issues like creating jobs and safeguarding public services. They don’t want people wasting time with tribal arguments or focusing on sectarian pacts.

“Alliance works for everyone and delivers constructive politics. We are the only party that makes ending the divisions in our society our top priority. Anyone who is fed up with the politics of the past should vote Alliance to deliver a new approach to politics in Northern Ireland.”


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