Long says Trump needs to unite his country following election

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said American President-elect Donald Trump needs to unite his country after he triumphed in a divisive election campaign.

Speaking after Mr Trump was declared winner in the US Presidential race, Mrs Long said he had a job to do as soon as he takes over the role as 45th President.

“The first thing Mr Trump needs to do is attempt to heal the wounds of a bitterly divisive election campaign. It has not only split America almost down the middle but his own party has been fragmented. A President has to be a unifier and I hope he realises this.

“It is worth noting Hillary Clinton looks set to win the popular vote and my commiserations go to her. It is no secret I supported her bid for the White House and it is disappointing she did not win, but the American people have made their decision via the electoral college and we must respect it. However, although there is clearly a growing anti-establishment movement throughout global politics, Donald Trump is part of that establishment.

“Whatever people’s thoughts and whoever American citizens voted for, we cannot let the rhetoric Mr Trump used repeatedly throughout his campaign to become the norm. We must stand together and challenge hate speech and actions, even if it is from the President of the United States.”

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