Long says Sinn Fein should live up to Stormont House promises

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has received backing from the Prime Minister that Sinn Fein should live up to promises made in the Stormont House Agreement.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons today (Wednesday), Alliance MP Mrs Long said she was “frustrated and angry” that the economic stability and political progress of Northern Ireland had been jeopardised by Sinn Fein’s reneging on pledges around welfare reform they signed up to in the Agreement.

“After Sinn Fein’s temper tantrum this week, we are left where we were before Christmas, with no budget or sustainable financial plan to deal with welfare reform and other cuts being imposed from London.

“The Prime Minister rightly agreed with me that everyone should do what they signed up to and that pledges made should be fulfilled. Sinn Fein knew what they agreed to, so to claim now that wasn’t the case is a fallacy.

“The longer they maintain this stance, the harder it will be to get any further agreement, whether on welfare reform or any other issue.”


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