Long says DUP proposals would do nothing except more pain on people

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said a DUP ‘five point plan’ opposing the Northern Ireland Protocol would do nothing except inflict more pain on people.

The DUP’s proposed actions include stopping all North-South Protocol-related activity and opposing all Protocol-related measures in the Assembly. Ms Long said while there were clearly issues around the flow of some goods into Northern Ireland, the DUP’s proposed actions would exacerbate the problems.

“There are immediate pressures around some goods coming into Northern Ireland. That is the manifestation of Brexit and was one of many things warned about during the referendum campaign,” she said.

“But leadership is about working together with others to address issues and achieve an outcome. Not to put out unworkable five point plans that ignore the reality of the Brexit they advocated for, and which would only inflict more pain on people.

“After events of the past few days, parties stood in the Assembly today and talked about dialling down the rhetoric and having cool heads. The madness of these proposals is the exact opposite of that, while only bringing deadlock and misery. The DUP needs to engage with the reasons why the Protocol exists – which is Brexit – and work with the rest of us on achieving mitigations, flexibilities and derogations from it.”