Long says Bombardier deal will help secure future of Belfast site

Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long has welcomed the contract won by Bombardier to build 142 Global planes worth£4.8billion for private jet company Vistajet. The company’s site in East Belfast will design and manufacture the forward fuselages and other parts of these planes.

Naomi Long MP said: “This is positive news for the company, their workers and for our economy, not just in East Belfast but in Northern Ireland.

“This contract will help to secure and build for the long-term term future of Bombardier, including at their site in East Belfast. We have a very proud industrial heritage in this part of the city, with internationally competitive companies, and this contract will help continue this tradition.

“Bombardier is one of the most respected firms that operate in Northern Ireland and is a major employer. They have a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and this is fantastic news for them and for others in the aerospace sector and I congratulate them on this contract.

“While we have had some bad news in recent weeks, especially the loss of 50 jobs in Thales last week, however this news will help secure the jobs at the Belfast Bombardier site.”


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