Long says Assembly Election chance for public to break cycle of crises

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said the forthcoming Assembly Election is a chance for the public to break the cycle of crises seen over the past mandate.

The party is running 24 candidates across every constituency in Northern Ireland and has one of the most diverse group of candidates in terms of age, gender, background, and sexual orientation of any party.

“This is the most important election since the Good Friday Agreement. It will decide not just how our institutions will function over the next five years, but whether they will function,” said Mrs Long.

“It comes in the midst of a cost of living crisis, severe pressures on our health service, the need for managed recovery of public services, business and our community after two years of the pandemic, and yet instead of focusing on those key issues, the Executive has been collapsed by the DUP with those most in need of help unable to get it as a result.

“There is a chance to do things differently and better. No longer should we be plunged into this constant cycle of crisis and selfish political stunts. People want stability and a focus on progress and delivery. That’s what Alliance is offering in this election.

“The 24 Alliance candidates not only have the ability and talent to deliver better but also reflect the diversity of Northern Ireland society in 2022. A 50/50 gender balance, four openly LGBT+ candidates, and significant numbers of young elected representatives, all achieved without the need for quotas, demonstrates our values of inclusion and diversity.

“Together, we can make the focus delivery, not division, and reform the Assembly and Executive so they can no longer be held to ransom by any party. Together, we can fix the health service, integrate our children’s education, and deliver a green new deal.

“Together, we can inspire hope, not fear. Fight poverty and inequality, not each other.

“A vote for Alliance in May is a vote to change our politics and people’s lives for the better. On May 5, together, we can deliver.”