Long saddened at potential job losses in East Belfast

East Belfast Alliance MLA Naomi Long has expressed sadness that jobs could be lost at the Britvic company in the constituency. Britvic employs 139 people in East Belfast and 17 in Omagh.

Naomi Long said: “It seems that some logistics staff may be affected by these new arrangements. I sincerely hope the job losses can be minimised through the consultation process.

“This is extremely sad for families that could be affected and my thoughts are with all those who face tough times in this difficult economic climate.

“We are extremely concerned about the impact of these potential job losses, particularly following on from the devastating news about Hughes Christensen, which is located on the same road as Britvic.

“As well as the very serious impact this will have on the families affected, this could also have an impact on wider community, with other local businesses facing a very negative knock-on effect from this.”


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