Long pledges to tackle tax dodging

Naomi Long has pledged to make tackling tax dodging a priority in the new Parliament.

The Alliance East Belfast Westminster candidate said transparency in public life would be an important issue for any Alliance MPs to pursue with the new Government.

“Tax evasion costs the country a substantial amount of money each year. It is money that could be used to stimulate economic growth and improve public services,” she said.

“A tax-dodging bill, introduced as a matter of priority within the first 100 days of the new Parliament, would see a massive reform to the system. Such a bill would require in law for foreign companies to pay tax on profits generated within the UK.

“It would also improve transparency by opening up companies’ tax activities to the public, while strengthening the enforcement of and penalties for tax evasion.

“Alliance knows people value full openness in public life and we will continue to deliver on this agenda at Westminster.”


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