Long petitions against bookie’s

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor, Michael Long, has expressed his support for residents who are opposing an application to open a bookmaker’s shop on Rosetta Road, close to the junction with Wynchurch Road.

He was speaking after a public meeting held on the Rosetta Road to discuss residents’ concerns, which was attended by over 150 local people on Thursday night.

Cllr Long said: “The large turnout of local people clearly illustrates the great strength of local opposition to this application. I share the residents’ concerns and I am totally opposed to a bookmaker’s shop on the Rosetta Road.

“The likelihood of increased litter, noise and traffic will undoubtedly have a negative impact upon residential amenity. I am particularly concerned that the location is so close to three local schools and may have a negative impact on vulnerable young people. The site is also very close to a busy junction and residents are already concerned about road safety issues. Such a business will attract greater numbers of people and cars to the area and this will make a bad situation much worse.

“In 1986 a similar application was made for the adjacent property and was turned down by the Planning Appeals Commission. Nothing has substantially changed, and indeed the traffic situation has worsened in the local area since that time, and so I hope that the Planners will make the same decision this time around and reject this application.

Cllr Long continued: “Local residents have clearly demonstrated their opposition and I hope that planners allow democracy to take its course – by opposing this application. What people in the area need are facilities which serve the community and improve their quality of life, not those which detract from the area.”

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