Long outraged at hate crime attack in East Belfast

Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long has expressed her outrage after a couple in East Belfast were targeted in what police are describing as a hate crime. Rubbish was set on fire beside their property onSunderland Road, but it was put out and only minor fire damage was caused. The couple were in the house at the time but were uninjured.

Naomi Long MP said: “I am outraged that somebody would carry out a hate crime such as this. There is no place for this type of incident in our society.

“I am just relieved that no one was injured in this attack. I am sure that this was a traumatic experience for this couple, and I hope that will be able to get over such a scary incident.

“I would call on anybody with any information about this attack to contact the police. The people responsible must be brought before the courts to be punished for such a despicable crime.”


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