Long meets NIW over East Belfast roadworks delay

Naomi Long has met with Northern Ireland Water (NIW) to voice residents’ concerns over the extension of roadworks in East Belfast.

Naomi requested the meeting after NIW announced last week the Mersey Street roadworks, which were originally scheduled to finish this summer, were being extended until December. The news angered residents and commuters, who Alliance East Belfast Westminster candidate Mrs Long said had been significantly disrupted by the ongoing process.

She met on-site with NIW, contractors and engineers in a bid to receive answers over the extension and lessen inconvenience for residents and commuters.

“There is no question there has been a massive disruption for people who live in the Mersey Street area, as well as those who use it as an access road to reach other areas of East Belfast while these critical drainage works are completed. I pressed NIW to make every effort possible to minimise further disruption and maximise access for those wishing to use the road to access local amenities.

“I recognise this is a massive inconvenience to people but I received assurances that residents are being consulted over the progress of the works. The difficulty experienced should hopefully reduce over the summer as works recede further up Mersey Street.

“Whilst NIW are willing to look at longer working hours to hasten completion, there are limits due to the noise and vibration of the piling works required for the scheme, due to the poor ground conditions.

“When these works are finished, residents will be better protected from future flooding, which is to be welcomed. I will remain in contact with NIW to make sure that happens as soon as possible.”


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